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    For working parents to continue to look after their families wellbeing, and stay as productive at work as they can do, they may need help and support from their broader company. BPDTS’s Smarter Working approach is designed to empower people to decide when and how best to work to meet personal and professional goals.

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    As a core part of BPDTS's organisational culture, we’re creating an environment where learning is key to everything we do – where time spent working equals time spent learning. The BPDTS Product Talks provide an opportunity for people to learn as part of their continued personal development. In the latest Product Talk, we heard Lou Downe, former Director of Design and Service Standards for the UK Government (GDS), speak about service literacy. Keep reading to learn why good services are verbs, not nouns.

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    An unusual spin on a job share allows Nigel Sutton and Colin Hutchinson to extend their professional lives while ensuring critical corporate knowledge and skills are retained. Learn what factors help make their job share successful.

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    Mike Farrington at Manchester City Council Awards for Excellence 2016 at Manchester Town Hall

    Mike Farrington, Head of Hybrid Cloud Services Operations at BPDTS, discusses why trust and flexibility are at the heart of the engineering team's success. Learn more about Mike's first 6-months delivering cloud at scale amid a pandemic.

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    Posted by: Amy Cross, Posted on: - Categories: Our Culture
    Amy Cross, BPDTS

    Pride 2023 is visible and inclusive. BPDTS is celebrating Pride 2023 digitally to ensure that even with the current coronavirus restrictions, Pride in 2023 isn't forgotten.

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    Andy Jones Lead Technical Engineer in Blackpool Server Room

    Andy Jones, a Lead Infrastructure Engineer at BPDTS, supports different teams at the Department for Work and Pensions, helping navigate the cloud and virtualisation journey. Learn why Andy finds working in the public sector and cloud an exciting place for professional development.

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    Sean Dinning

    Sean Dinning started his technology career as an apprentice, working his way up to an Infrastructure Engineer role. Learn more about Sean's journey and why he thinks BPDTS and the public sector are a great place to work.

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    Posted by: Debbie Liddle, Posted on: - Categories: Our Culture

    BPDTS Business Compliance Manager, Debbie Liddle, shares her story as a long-term carer for her son diagnosed with Down's Syndrome and autism. The Carer's Passport is a lifeline, helping Debbie to juggle her work and caring responsibilities successfully.

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    Posted by: Alicia Cahill, Posted on: - 国内怎么上youtube网站 Our People, Our Services
    Alicia Cahill

    Great tools and a brilliant team make career transitions smoother. Learn how job shadowing led Alicia Cahill to the perfect engineering role in government.

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    Posted by: Ben Collier, Posted on: - Categories: Our Services
    Ben Collier

    BPDTS Engineering teams need to anticipate the future and plan for it. Changes expected to occur in the next decade are happening now, all at once. What trends are emerging, and what are the downstream consequences for software development?

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